Duart Castle(6 May 2006)

Duart Castle

Isle of Mullの東端、岬の高台に位置するDuart Castleは島を訪れる旅人にその姿を印象付ける。Scotland西部の最も重要な海上交通の要所を支配下に置くことが出来る場所にあるので古くから防御拠点として要塞化されていただろうことは容易に想像できる。
9世紀頃のヴァイキング来襲の頃から要塞化されていたと言われている。最初に城壁が築かれたのは13世紀頃のClan Mackinnonが所有した頃らしい。その後1600年代中期頃までMackinnon家の居城として使用されていた。
現在は旅行者が訪れるTea RoomやShopがあり、西海岸の主要観光スポットとなっている。HPによると宿泊施設や結婚式ができるプランもある。

Perched on top of a rocky outcrop at the end of a peninsula near the easternmost corner of Mull, Duart Castle is one of the most impressive castle in Scotland. It stands guard over one of the most important marine crossroads in western Scotland, so it’s easy to imagine that the place has probably been fortified from very early time.
The place would be a very importand spot to defence against the Viking Attack in 9th. The first stone walls to appear here did so in the mid 1200s, at which time Duart Castle was part of the lands to own by The Clan Mackinnon. After that they had owned the castle until mid of 1600s.
Now, Duart Castle is one of the best sightseeing spot in western Scotland, they have a tea room and shop for tourists, according to the Web site, we can stay at castle or have a wedding party! Check their HP,


On the Ferry to Mull(6 May 2006)

Sea gull on the ferry

Isle of Mullの玄関口、CraignureまではObanからフェリーで45分程。船上はお城を観に行く人、ネイチャーウォッチングをする人、聖地Ionaへ向かう人とそれぞれの目的を持った乗客で賑わっていた。

It takes about 45minutes from Oban to Craignure, the gateway to Isle of Mull. Passengers are exited about going to the castle, nature watching, going to the Iona or something.
I’m on the deck, and hold my camera with telephotographic lens (Nikon F6 and 70-300mm Zoom). Inadvertently, when I look up a sky, I watch a seagull hovering. No, the ferry is moving, it looks like stop.
The seagull have a break on the ferry when it tired to fly, it’s calculating!

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