Isle of Arran Distillery(17 Sep 2008)


Isle of Arran was originally a prosperous place producing whisky, It is said that there were three legal distilleries and about 50 illicit distilleries on Isle of Arran in the end of 18th. Producing whisky was a major industry.
However, illicit distilleries disappeared because of the change in the law in 1823, and legal distilleries which survived on island found themselves unable to compete with distilleries in Mainland of Scotland because of spending the high transport costs in island. Whisky had not been produced in island since the last distillery, which was in Lagg, south of island, was closed in 1836.
In 1995, for the first time in 160 years, Isle of Arran Distillery was build near Lochranza in the north of island. A building design is beautiful like a malt kiln with a pagoda roof. They are perfect match with the scenery of Isle of Arran.


Scotland in Miniature(17 Sep 2008)


It is said that Isle of Arran is "Scotland in miniature", the north is mountain area and sparsely populated, the south softer in landscape and home to the most of people. And there are beautiful view in island.
I would enjoy scenery and take photographs while going to the distillery slowly in my plan. However, the time staying in the island decreased to 80 minutes unfortunately, so I walked the way to the distillery for about 1.5km from a port in a hurry with a heavy camera bag. I wasn’t able to afford to enjoy scenery.
My trip of Scotland wasn’t over peacefully.

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