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    Town Centre of Elgin(22 Sep 2007)

    町の中心広場にある大きな教会、St Giles’ Churchは1224年に創設された歴史のある教会で現在の建物は1826年に建てられた。他にも古い教会がいくつか残っている。
    歴史を感じさせる町を散策し、疲れたらパブで休憩。Gordon & MacPhailのショップでお土産探しと酒飲みには最適な町だった。

    Elgin is one of the oldest Royal Burgh in Scotland, probably existed in early of 11 century. Scottish King, David 1st chartered as a Royal Burgh in 1136. Elgin would be a capital in this area at that time. A lot of old buildings still stay in the town.
    There is the big church, St Giles’ Church in Elgin Town Centre. It was established in 1224, they has a long history. Current buildings were rebuild in 1826, and other some old churches are in the town.
    I took a walk in the historical town and had a break in a pub when I tired. And I enjoyed shopping to look for souvenir at Gordon & MacPhail shop.
    Elgin is one of the best town for drinker!

    Gordon & MacPhail のウィスキー

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    Benriach Distillery(21 Sep 2007)


    Benriach Distillery was built next to Longmorn Distillery by owner of Glenlossie Distillery as the his third distillery. However, business expansion completely seems to be failure and the distillery stopped the operation as early as 1900.
    Benriach Distillery was purchased by Glenlivet distillery, and the operation was finally reopened in 1965. It became a part of Chivas Brothers in 1978.
    The operation was stopped again in 2002, and has become an independence distillery under the new owner in 2004. In 2012, they have restarted a floor malting which they did until 1999. The variations of the product increase.


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    Glenlossie Distillery(21 Sep 2007)

    Glenlossie蒸留所は1876年にElginの南約6km、River Lossieの近くに、元Glendronach蒸留所で所長を務めていたJohn Duffによって創業された。

    Glenlossie Distillery was established by John Duff who was a former manager of Glendronach Distillery on the site of about 6km south of Elgin, near River Lossie in 1876.
    He built Longmorn Distillery in 1894, Benriach Distillery in 1898 during the Whisky Boom in the end of 19th.
    However, the Whisky Boom had finished in the early 20th century. Benriach Distillery was mothballed in 1900 and Longmorn Distillery was sold in 1909. Finally, Glenlossie Distillery was purchased by DCL(later United Distillers) in 1919.
    Glenlossie Distillery was expanded in 1962 and Mannochmore Distillery was built on the east side in the same site in 1971.


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    Longmorn Distillery(21 Sep 2007)

    Longmorn蒸留所は1894年にGlenlossie蒸留所の所有者John Duffによって19世紀末のウィスキーブームの間に建設された。しかしウィスキーブームは終焉を迎え、John Duffは破産。1909年に新しい所有者によって操業が再開された。
    1970年にGlenlivet蒸留所、Glen Grant蒸留所と合併し、1978年にシーバスブラザーズ社の蒸留所となった。

    Longmorn Distillery was built by John Duff who was a owner of the Glenlossie Distillery, in 1894 during the Whisky Boom in the end of 19th. However, the Whisky Boom had finished and John Duff went bankrupt. the distillery was restarted making whisky by a new owner in 1909.
    Longmorn Distillery merged with Glenlivet Distillery and Glen Grant Distillery in 1970, and those became a part of Chivas Brothers in 1978.
    There had been wash stills heated by coal until 1994, those have converted heating by steam now.
    One of my favorite whisky is distilleries bottling Longmorn 15 years old released before, but I don’t almost watch it these days.


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    Glen Elgin Distillery(21 Sep 2007)

    Glen Elgin蒸留所は1898年に創業した、Speysideに造られた19世紀最後の蒸留所。周辺の蒸留所と同じく、Morayshire Railwayの側に建設された。

    Glen Elgin Distillery was established in 1898, it was a last distillery which was build in speyside in 19th. Same as neighbouring distilleries which were established in the end of 19th, Glen Elgin Distillery was built beside Morayshire Railway.
    However, sales of Scotch Whisky fell around 1900, plan of distillery was reduced. The distillery started to make whisky in 1902, but it became bankrupt after 5 months. It failed to keep up with the Whisky Boom in the end of 19th.
    Glen Elgin Distillery was purchased by DCL(later United Distillers) in 1930, and it was renovated and expanded in 1964. However, worm tab didn’t change to modern cooling system, it is one of the symbol of the distillery now.

    Glen Elgin蒸留所のウィスキー

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    Even the prosperous inevitably decay(22 Sep 2007)


    When I saw the huge ruins of Elgin Cathedral, I imagined the best period of the Cathedral and I reminded opening lines of Tale of the Heike that I had memorized when I was a high school student.
    The sound of the bell of Gion-shoja, rings with the transience of all things.
    The color of the flowers of paired sal trees, shows the truth that all glories must fade.

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    Coleburn Distillery(21 Sep 2007)


    Coleburn Distillery is not far from A941 which is a main road connected from Elgin to Craigellachie, on a map. I had gone along it by bus several times. I thought I would be able to watch Coleburn Distillery on the bus, so I looked for the the distillery every time.
    However, I understood that anyone wasn’t able to see Coleburn Distillery on the bus, it was surrounded by many trees.

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