Talisker Distillery(9 May 2006)


Talisker Distillery, which is only distillery in Isle of Skye, was established in 1831. Talisker single malt whisky has a strong flavour and unique taste.
It is said that some distilleries were in Isle of Skye. However, most lands is sloping, it isn’t fit for agriculture. I don’t think they were able to get barley in their neighbourhood.

What would he be waiting?(9 May 2006)


“Why doesn’t the bus come?”
I arrived at 5 minutes to two PM at the bus stop in front of Talisker Distillery. According to a timetable, the bus to Portree left at 2 PM, and it was operated on the day of Portree High School was open. Today was Tuesday, so the bus must be operated today.
And 1 hour after, I knew that today was school holiday.
I had to wait about 1 hour, but I wasn’t bored. There were a lot of good views and I got some good opportunities for a photograph.
A small butterfly was on the dandelion which was blooming near bus stop. He might be waiting something.

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