Tobermory Distillery(19 Sep 2008)

Tobermory Distillery


It took about 40 minutes by bus from Craignure to Tobermory. Tobermory Distillery was very close to Tobermory bus stop. It was one of the oldest distillery in Scotland, established in 1798, and only whisky distillery in Isle of Mull.
I went to visiter cntre of Tobermory Distillery immediately, however, unfortunately there was no distillery tour today because of maintenance.
This trip was not blessed with luck with weather either. But that meant I had a enough time to take photographs.


Fishermen's Town(19 Sep 2008)

Scenery of Tobermory

Tobermory is really impressive town for its colorful buildings. I don't know what kind of reason they do such a colorful painting. Tobermory was originally made by fishermen's community, so it may be easy to see from the ocean.
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