Old And New (7 May 2003)


Building a distillery next to a distillery is not rare in Scotland, there are some pair of two adjacent distilleries. Most of them would be for reinforcement of production capacity. However, the relation between Clinelish and Brora is different. When Clynelish, which was built for reconstruction of production equipments, become stable to operate, Brora may have been closed. Depression of whisky in 1980’s may have been good as a reason of close.
I don’t know the reason, but Brora single malt whisky, which distillery was closed more than thirty years ago, become few and rare whisky.

Brora Golf Club (8 May 2003)


Golf originated from Scotland. There are some town which have a golf course. the field is like a golf course on the outskirts of a town in Scotland.
I like anything which is connected with Britain, but I’m not interested in golf. Because I think golf course is artificial for Japan, and the cost for playing golf is high. However, if you ask a question which is higher the cost of golf or the cost of scuba diving, I do not know what answer to make.

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