Benmore Distillery(25 April 2004)

残っている屋根の形状を見ると現在パゴダ屋根が残っている他の蒸留所と同じデザインのようにも見えるがCharles Doigが設計に関わったかどうかは不明。

Benmore Distillery, the first distillery to build a pagoda roof on its malt kiln in Campbeltown, was established in 1862, One of the later distilleries in town. Its output was almost the same as Springbank Distillery at the end of 19th century. However Benmore Distillery was acquired by a new firm in 1920, distilling ceased in 1927 because of recession of whisky industry after the WW1.
The building of malt kiln without the pagoda roof is remained and used as a bus garage by West Coast Motor Services, who bought the distillery in 1936.
The shape of malt kiln is similar to malt kiln of other distilleries, but I don’t know if it was designed by Charles Chree Doig.

Lochead Distillery(26 April 2004)


When you walk around in Campbeltown, you’ll see some old buildings such as a remain of distilelries. When I visited the town first time, I was really excited.
When I saw this building, it was a remain of Hazelburn Distillery. There was a vestige of charactor "HAZELBURN" on the stone arch above the wooden door.
"Wow Mr.Taketsuru worked here! It’s amazing! This is the origin of Japanese Whisky!"
I was deeply emotive, but When I checked some records about Campbeltown whisky distilleries after the tour, the building was a warehouse of Lochhead Distillery .
Two of them were eventually acquired by DCL, Diageo as we know today, and warehouses of Hazelburn Distillery were used by DCL after closing distillery, so they might use this building which was next to Hazelburn as a entrance.
However, I don’t know the truth.

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