Longrow Distillery(14 Sep 2008)

Longrow蒸留所は町で古い合法的な蒸留所の一つで1824年に現在のSpringbank蒸留所の向かい側に建設された。ウィスキー職人であるJohn Rossが銀行の支援を受けて創業された。操業は翌年に創業されたKintyre蒸留所と一緒にJohn Rossが行っていた。
1886年に蒸留所を訪れたAlfred BarnardによるとLongrow蒸留所の設備は時代遅れになっていたようで、そのポットスティルは彼が見た中で一番古風なものと著書に記述されている。密造時代のものをそのまま使用したのかも知れない。
1886年に長年Longrow蒸留所を支えてきたJohn Rossが死去すると、翌年新しいオーナーに売却された。新しいオーナーはその後10年ほど操業を続け、最終的に1896年に蒸留所を閉鎖した。その名前にもかかわらず、Campbeltownのメインストリートの一つであるLongrowには接しておらず、周りを建物に囲まれて近代化や拡張工事が不可能になってきたのだろう。

Longrow Distillery was build in the opposite side of the current Springbank Distillery in 1824, it was one of the oldest legal distilleries in Campbeltown. It was established by whisky distiller, John Ross with support of some bankers. John Ross operated Longrow Distillery and Kintyre Distillery, which was established in 1825.
According to Alfred Barnard who visited the distillery in 1886, some equipments of the distillery seemed to be old-fashioned, especially pot stills were the quaintest he had set eyes on. They might use those stills from illicit distilleries.
John Ross died in 1886, and Longrow Distillery was sold to a new owner in 1887. The new owner operated Longrow Distillery next 10years and closed in 1896. In spite of the name, Longrow Distillery didn’t face to Longrow, one of the main street in Campbeltown, and site of distillery was surrounded by other buildings. The modernization and extension might be impossible.
A part of the warehouses stands now and is used as a bottling plant by Springbank Distillery. And the name of Longrow remains as a brand of the peaty malt whisky of Springbank.


Longrow(16 Sep 2008)


Campbeltown is suitable for the good port because of the landform. The calm loch is suitable for fishing and shipping industry, The town was grown by herrings which were caught inshore, the light railway ran to carry quality coal from the coal mine in Machrihanish to the west of Campbeltown. Whisky industries grew up using the coal as fuel, too. There were one or more distilleries on every street in the end of 19th century.
However, herrings were not caught, and the coal mine was closed and most of distilleries were closed one after another.
I felt Campbeltown would be deserted a little, there were some closed shops in Longrow which is one of the main street.

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