The Way to Dallas Dhu Distillery(22 Sep 2007)

Dallas Dhu蒸留所は地図上ではForresの中心部から南へ約2kmの所にある。これぐらいは徒歩圏内。Benromach蒸留所を後にして町の風景を楽しみながら歩く。
でも同じ道を帰るのだから、また上り坂が・・・いや今は考えるのをやめよう。Dallas Dhu蒸留所の見学を楽しもう。

Dallas Dhu Distillery was about 2km south from Forres town centre on the map. It was within walking distance for me. After I left Benromach Distillery, I walked to Dallas Dhu Distillery and enjoyed the scenery of town.
After a while, the scenery was changed and the road which passed through the hill of meadows was an uphill slope. And I was holding a heavy camera bag and a bottle of whisky which I bought at Benromach Distillery.
I often faced this situation during Scotland tour, it was a very hard!
When I finished climbing the hill and approached the down slope, a malt kiln and an old style chimney came in sight. It would be arrive shortly.
However, I had to come back through the same way, uphill slope again…
No, let’s stop thinking now, enjoy the distillery tour at Dallas Dhu Distillery!

Dallas Dhu蒸留所のウィスキー

Forres Town Centre(22 Sep 2007)

町の中心部にある自治都市の象徴となる時計台、Forres Tolboothは1838年、その手前にあるMercat Crossは1844年の建造でバスを降りるとまず最初に目に入ってくる町の歴史を感じさせる建物だ。

Same as Elgin, Forres is one of the oldest town in Scotland, probably existed in early of 11 century. Scottish King chartered as a Royal Burgh in 1140. A lot of old buildings and stoneworks still stay in the town and the outskirts.
Forres Tolbooth, which was the main municipal building of a Scottish burgh, was built in 1838, Mercat Cross, forward of Forres Tolbooth, was built in 1844. Those are representative and historical old buildings in Forres, you will see first when you get off a bus at Forres.

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