Bowmore Distillery(22 April 2004)

スコットランドの蒸留所で最も印象的な建物はモルトキルン。現在よく見られる形状のものは19世紀末に建築家、Charles Doigによってデザインされた。

I think the most impressive and symbolic building of distilleries in Scotland is malt kiln. It was build on Dailuaine Distillery at first by Charles Doig in 1889, and he also designed a lot of kiln in Scotland in the end of 19th.
Malt kiln was important building to dry barley malt, but now most distilleries don’t make barley malt by themselves. So malt kiln is demolished or reconstructed for visitor centre or shop.
Bowmore Distillery is one of the distilleries which make barley malt by floor malting. The shape of pagoda roof is really unique.


Loch Indaal(22 April 2004)

昨日とは打って変わっていい天気。宿泊したLochside HotelのDining Roomから見える美しいLoch Indaalの景色が朝食を更においしくする。
せっかくの天気なのでPort Ellenへ向かうバスを1本遅らせて写真を撮ろう。Bowmore蒸留所のウェアハウス付近からLoch Indaalを眺める。今日は天気がいいので対岸の湾に沿った道路沿いに点在する民家らしい建物やBruichladdish蒸留所も見える。

It was a really good weather. The view from dining room of Lochside Hotel was wonderful.
I had to go to Port Ellen, today. I was going to take a bus in the morning, but I wanted to take more photographs, so I would take a bus this afternoon.
I saw the view of Loch Indaal a side of warehouse in Bowmore Distillery.
“It is really beautiful!”
I could see some houses and Bruichladdich Distillery on the opposite shore.
I wish it would be good weather tommorow. I left Bowmore for Port Ellen.

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