Port Askaig(1)

Bunnahabhain Distillery(19 April 2004)


Bunnahabhain Distillery is the most northern distillery in Isle of Islay, and one of the newest distillery. Whisky of Bunnahabhain isn’t peaty and smokey. Peat flavour is one of unique character of Islay malt whisky. I don’t know why it doesn’t have it. Is it a kind of marketing? or natural?
I heard that Bunnahabhain malt whisky was really popular in US. But these days, strong peated and strong smokey flavoured malt is boom among malt connoisseur. I don’t know if Bunnahabhain malt whisky is popular now.
After they changed bottle design, sailor of label is more stylish, I think.


The Long And Winding Road(19 April 2004)

Bunnahabhainから一番近い町はPort Askaig。しかしバスはポストバスが1日1往復しか走ってないので使えない。タクシーぐらいあるかもと思っていたけどIsle of Islayにはタクシーは走ってなさそう。地図を見ると6km程。何とかなるやろうと思って徒歩で出発した。
ちょっと後悔したがここまで来たら最後まで行かないと。1時間程歩いた頃、左側にArcnahoe Lochが見えてきた。ここまで来たらもう少し。そして最後の登り坂を登った時、蒸留所が見えた。やった、もう少し・・・と思ったら道が大きく迂回していた。 Bunnahabhainへの道程は遠い。

Port Askaig is nearest town to go to Bunnahabhain Distillery, but bus is not many, just 1 time. I thought there was taxies in Islay, but I couldn’t find any taxi. I had no way to go to Bunnahabhain, except my foot. The distance is about 6km.
“OK, GO ahead!”
30 minute later, I realized that walking in Scotland was really hard and tuff. The road of Scotland isn’t flat and straight.
I regreted, but It’s too late.When I walked for about 1 hour, I saw Arcnahoe Loch on my left. And then 30 minute later, I could see Bunnahabhain Distillery in front of me, when I went up the last uphill.
“Great! I could arrive as soon!”
But the road to Bunnahabhain made a turn to the opposite direction, so I had to make a detour.
It’s too far to Bunnahabhain.

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