Bowmore Distillery(22 April 2004)

数年後、同じバーで”このBowmoreはどう?”と勧められたのがBowmore Mariner。そのボトルの美しさにも惹かれ、おそるおそる口をつけると・・・うまい。これなら飲める。

The oldest distillery in Isle of Islay, Bowmore Distillery was established in 1779. That whisky is called “Queen of Islay”.
The view from port is relly beautiful and photogenic. It’s not just whisky but also the form is like “Queen”.
More than ten years ago, when I started to drink Scotch malt whisky, Islay malt wasn’t popular in Japan. It was said that Islay malt whisky was for connoisseur. So I wanted to drink Islay malt whisky.
But not all everybody feel Islay malt is good. When I drank Lagavulin and Talisker first time, I felt relly bad. After that, I decided that I didn’t drink Islay malt whisky.
Few years later, The barman recommended me one bottle of Bowmore.
“It’s a beautiful bottle, isn’t it!”
I tried to drink Bowmore Mariner 15 years old. It had a peaty and smorkey flavor, but not strong.
“What a wonderful whisky!”
Bowmore Mariner is one of my favorite whisky.


Kilarrow Parish Church(21 April 2004)

Bowmoreの町を訪れたことがある人は港から眺めるKilarrow Parish Church(通称Round Church)の風景が印象に残っているだろう。古い写真を見てもこの通りの町並みはほとんど変わっていない。
Bowmoreの人々はとても親切でフレンドリー。島の中でも特にそう感じた。Harbour InnのBarへ行くと地元のおっちゃんがウィスキーを飲んでいた。
ちなみにごちそうになったウィスキーはBlack Bottle。島の人が飲むウィスキーはほとんどBlack Bottleだった。

Most people who has been to Bowmore would remember the view of Kilarrow Parish Church (commonly known as “Round Church”) from harbour. When you see the old photoglaphs of Bowmore, you will realize that the view is almost same.
The people in Bowmore is really friendly. After I saw Bowmore Distillery, I went to the Bar in Harbour Inn. The man drank a glass of Black Bottle.
He and I talked someting and I was treated to a glass of whisky. He worked at export business company for parts of car. He has been to Japan. He was surprised that Japanese cattle for beef drank beer. And he retired now.
There was a old photograph of Bowmore on the wall of Bar, and he said that one of two children in the photo was him, but I didn’t understand.

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