Wallace Monument (23 Sep 2005)

Stirling Bridgeの戦いの前、William Wallaceは丘の上に登り、イングランド軍の動向を偵察している。
そのAbbey Craigの丘に1877年に8年の歳月を経て建てられたのがNational Wallace Monument。67m、4階建ての塔の中にはWilliam Wallaceにまつわるいろいろな展示がある。
因みに1997年に駐車場に作られたWilliam Wallaceの銅像は映画”Brave Heart”の主演、メル・ギブソンそっくりで映画をよく思っていない人々から排除運動が起きた。映画としては好きだけどストーリーは歴史から大幅に脚色されている。

Before the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Sir William Wallace went up to the hill, called Abbey Craig, and he scouted English Army.
National Wallace Monument was built on the hill of Abbey Craig in 1877. It’s 67m height, 4 storeyed tower, there are some exhibitions about William Wallace and Scotland.
When you go to the tower, you have to go up the hill from bus stop near a car park. It’s really hard. Then you have to go up 246 steps of the spiral staircase to the top. Of cource there is no elevator.
In 1997, the statue of Wallace was built in the car park. However, it seems to be Mel Gibson, the main actor of “Brave Heart”. Some people who don’t think that “Brave Heart” is not good for Scottish History claimed that the statue was not necessary. “Brave Heart” is my favorite but the story is dramatized from history.

William Wallace (23 Sep 2005)

William Wallaceの出生について確かな記録は存在しないがGlasgow西部のElderslleの出身と言われている。おそらくEdward1世は反逆者を処刑するだけでなく記録まで抹消してしまったのだろう。権力者の行いはどこでも一緒だ。
Stirling Bridgeの戦いで勝利を収めたWilliam Wallaceだったが、元々貴族ではなかったため貴族の支持を得られず、戦いで受けた損害も戻らず、翌年のFalkirkの戦いではEdward1世が直接指揮を取るイングランド軍に敗れ、以降は大規模な戦いをすることはなかった。

Sir William Wallace is the great hero and patriot in Scotland, but undoubted record of his birth is nothing. It’s said that he was born in Elderslle, near Glasgow. Probably, Edward 1st struke out his records.
William Wallace won the battle of Stirling Bridge. But he wasn’t noble so he didn’t get support from nobles in Scotland. And his army didn’t fill up a damage of the Battle of Stirling Bridge.
In 1298, William Wallace fought against English Army again in Falkirk, but he didn’t win against English Army which Edward 1st was commanded directly. After that, he wasn’t able to fight a large battle.
William Wallace was captured by English soldier because of the betrayal of Scottish noble in 1305, and executed on 23rd Aug 1305 in London.

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