Stirling Old Bridge (21 Sep 2005)

1297年、Englandの王、Edward1世の弾圧に対して立ち上がったWilliam Wallaceは彼の元に集まった民衆を指揮してゲリラ戦を行い、いくつかの小規模な戦いでイングランド軍に勝利を得た。これに呼応して各地で民衆の反乱が広がっていった。
これを鎮圧しようとしたイングランド軍はスコットランド中部に攻め入り、Stirling付近のRiver Forthに架かる橋を挟んで対峙した。

William Wallace, the great hero for independence of Scotland, rose up against the King of England, “Long Shank” Edward 1st in 1297. He fought against England with people of Scotland, and he won some small battles. Then some people rose in rebellion in Scotland.
English Army invaded near Stirling for suppression of rebellion. English Army and Scottish Army confronted each other on both sides of River Forth and the bridge.

Stirling Castle and Old Bridge (21 Sep 2005)

圧倒的な数の優位にイングランド軍はスコットランド軍をなめてかかり、平然と橋を渡りだした。William WallaceはEdward1世に反旗を翻した数少ない貴族、Sir Andrew Morayと協力して橋を渡っているイングランド軍に奇襲をかけた。重装備のイングランド兵は河原の湿地帯で思うように動けず、パニックになり敗走した。スコットランドが初めてイングランドに勝利した大きな戦いだった。これを機に多くの貴族がイングランドに反旗を翻し、William Wallaceはナイトの称号を得ている。

English Army made light of Scottish Army, so they had crossed the bridge. William Wallace and Sir Andrew Moray, small number of nobles who rose up against the King Edward 1st, and their army assaulted English Army on the bridge. English had lots of heavy armored knights, but they weren’t able to fight. Because bridge was really narrow and the area of end of bridge was marshy. Finally, they panicked and were routed. It was first battle which Scottish Army won against English Army. After the battle, most nobles of Scotland rose up against the King of English, and William Wallace was knighted.
When Wallace fought on the bridge, it was made of wood. Current Stirling Old Bridge was built around the end of 15th.

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