The Statue of Towser in Glenturret Distillery (17 Sep 2005)


I have always wanted that when I go to Glenturret Distillery, I take some photos about Towser, the most famous whisky cat. So I looked for something about Towser, but there was only the statue of Towser. And there was a poster of Towser at the distilleries shop next to the statue. but they didn’t have a stock.
When I went out of shop, I thought Towser was really sad.
When I left distillery, I felt really bad.

The Long And Winding Road (17 Sep 2005)

確かに自社ブランドをアピールすることは大事なことだ。でもGlenturretってFamous Grouseのメインモルト? こんな施設はGlenturretに必要なのか。

When I ‘m going to a distillery, I’m usually excited. But when I leave a distillery, I’m always not satisfied.
I understand that it is really important to make an appeal for main product. But I haven’t heard that Glenturret is main malt of The Famous Grouse. It’s not necessary to make presentation centre of The Famous Grouse in Glenturret Distillery.
The way to Crieff was too far for me with disappointed feeling.

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