Robert de Bruce (23 Sep 2005)

リーダー的存在だったWilliam Wallaceを処刑したEdward1世の思惑通りにはいかず、スコットランドの反乱は収まらなかった。そして志半ばの1307年に戦場への途中で死去する。後を継いだその息子、Edward2世は歴史上稀な愚王。政治も戦いも父親とは雲泥の差があった。
その幸運を掴み取ったのがRobert de Bruceだった。13世紀末の混乱を作り出した王位継承権を主張する貴族の一人だったが国内の混乱をうまく収めて最終的に1314年、BannockburnでEdward2世率いるイングランド軍を打ち破り、スコットランドに主権を取り戻した。

Edward 1st thought that he would be able to suppress the rebellion of Scotland because he had executed William Wallace, who was a leader of Scotland. But it didn’t have an effect and Edward 1st died on the way to the battlefield in 1307 before he could realize his ambition. The Edward 2nd, who was the son of Edward 1st and the successor to the throne, was one of the most foolish king in English history. He was very different for politics and war.
Fortunately, Robert de Bruce got the chance. He was one of the nobles who claimed the right of succession and confused Scotland in the end of 13th. However, he suppressed the confusion of Scotland. Finally, he won the battle with England in Bannockburn in 1314 and got the sovereignty of Scotland again.

Flower of Scotland (23 Sep 2005)

Bannockburn Heritage Centreの美しいヒースの花を見ていると、ここで激しい戦いがあったことをしばし忘れさせてくれる。

As you know, heath is one of the most popular flower of Scotland . When I go on a trip to Scotland in September, I often see the beautiful flower of heath. It seems to regret the turn of the season. Fields are covered with pink colour of heath and you can see heath everywhere in a town. Finally, heath become peat which is necessary for making whisky, although it need for a long long time.
When you see the beautiful flower of heath at Bannockburn Heritage Centre, you would forget that a violent battle was happened here for a short time.

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