Beautiful View at The McCaig's Tower(20 Sep 2008)

スコットランド滞在の最終日夕方に天候が回復するなんて、雨男のパワー全開の今回のツアー。B&Bに戻る前に近くにあるMcCaig's Towerに立ち寄る。
McCaig's Towerは港や鉄道駅が見渡せるとても眺めのいい場所。前回も来たけど町の東側からの眺めはここが一番いい。

The weather improved in the evening on the last day of the stay in Scotland. My power of the rain bringer was very strong during the tour. Before returning to B&B, I stopped by the McCaig's Tower near the B&B.
McCaig's Tower is good viewpoint, look over around a port and a train station. I think the best viewpoint from the east side of the town. I came here when I stayed in Oban last time.
By the way, I will be in London tomorrow evening. I had only the last plan in Scotland to eat a dinner tonight.


Too Large!(20 Sep 2008)

さすがに何度も失敗したからスターターは軽めにスモークハドックのクリームスープ。そしてメインは何にしようか迷ったけど、いろいろと食べられるSeafood Platterというシーフードの盛合せを注文。スタッフに1人前であることを確認したので量は問題ないと思っていたが・・・

Eating seafood was the best for the last dinner in Scotland. I visited the EE-Usk restaurant which I wanted to go since travel plans.
I failed as a order at restaurants many times, the amount of dishes was very large for me in UK. So I ordered Smoked Haddock Chowder for starter, it was lightly. And I finally chose Seafood Platter after not being able to decide. I didn’t concern about the amount of the dish, because I confirmed it to a waiter.
However, it was a large dish, it consisted of oysteres, Langoustines, some smoked salmon, a grilled scallop, some mussels and a crab claw. Is it for two people? though I ate all, because I love seafood.

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