Seafood in Scotland(5 May 2006)

Obanでは有名なWaterfront Fishouse Restaurantを訪れた。

One of the fun of trip is eating the local food. In general, it is said that there is no good food in the UK. Certainly, it is annoyed when I eat in London. However, I think Scottish food is pretty good, especially seafood is very nice to eat in the western port town.
I went to the famous "Waterfront Fishouse Restaurant" when I stayed in Oban.
I dithered over what I ate, finally I ordered the seafood platter for starter. When the dish was served after a while, I really suprised. Two raw oyster, two big langoustines and smoke sarmon from Inverawe. It was first time to eat raw oyster in Scotland, very fresh and delicious!
Volume was plenty and I felt pretty full stomach, but I finished to eat starter. This volume would not be for a person in Japan, it looked like main dish.


Too much full! (5 May 2006)

そしてメインに注文したLocal Sole Fillets with Dry vermooth, leek, Mashroom Cleam Sourceが運ばれてきた。地元で獲れた小型のヒラメ4切れ。ソースはベルモット風味の野菜クリームソース。付け合わせはカレー風味のエビ入りピラフ(焼きめし?)。
でもお魚は大好きなので結構食べれる。さすがに満腹状態。現地の人はデザートまで食べるけど、私はちょっと無理。最後はウィスキーにしておこう。もちろんOban 14 years old、Obanの美味しい食事の後はこれしかないな。

After that, main dish I ordered Local Sole Fillets with Dry vermooth, leek, Mashroom Cleam Source was served. 4 fillets of local sole, with Dry vermooth, leek, Mashroom Cleam Source and the curry flavor shrimp pilaf (fried rice?).
Cream sauce and spicy grilled rice went great with light taste of sole. But the amount was too large, it is OK about half.
However, I love seafood, so I ate all. Some people in restaurant, who probably lived in Oban, ate dessert, I was impossible to eat dessert. My last order was Oban 14 years single malt whisky. It was best choice after the best dinner.

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