Where is a Treasure?(19 Sep 2008)

Scenery of Tobermory

1788年に英国の漁業協会(British Fisheries Society)によって漁港として創設されたトバモリー。しかしそれ以前から停泊地に適した地形で船の停泊地として使用されていたと思われる。

Tobermory was founded in 1788 by British Fisheries Society. However, Tbermory Bay is a superb natural harbour, so it would be used as a anchorage of the ship before founded.
A Spanish galleon ,which was a member of Spanish Armada and laden with gold, sank in Tobermory Bay by fire when Spanish Armada was defeated in 1588. It was investigated, but have not found.
Treasure would lie somewhere at the bottom of Tobermory Bay?


Heavy Meal!(19 Sep 2008)

A Big Sandwich

少しお腹も空いていたので何か食べようとメニューを眺める。幸いなことにLight Mealと書かれたページがあった。これなら大丈夫だろうとその中のHandcutHam, Orkney Cheeder and Tomatoのサンドウィッチをオーダー。

I took enough photographs and I had time to the return bus, so I entered the pub Macgochans beside a bus stop.
They didn’t have cask ale but there were some local beer. I ordered a bottled ale made in Isle of Mull.
I felt hunger a little, so I read a menu. And I found a light meal section.
"It’s good!"
I chose a sandwich of HandcutHam, Orkney Cheeder and Tomato in the light meal section.
In a few minutes, the sandwich dish was served and I was surprised.
"What a big sandwich!"
I thought it was not a light meal!
If I had this sandwich in this time, I would be full and not be able to eat a dinner tonight.
I wanted to go to a seafood restaurant in Oban.

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