Ferry! Come Ba—–ck!(17 Sep 2008)



It took about 1hour from Campbeltowng by bus, I arrived at Kennacraig. I was going to change to the bus which went to Claonaig, east side of Kintyre peninsula. However, the bus didn’t come on time.
Eventually, the bus was coming about 10 minutes late. I really got antsy if I would be able to get on the ferry to Isle of Arran.
The road to Claonaig was very narrow and when the bus passed cars on the opposite lane each other, the bus stopped. So I was irritated.
When the bus arrived at Claonaig at last, the ferry which I was supposed to get on had already left a port. I thought there was no waiting to connect between the bus and the ferry in Scotland. Furthermore, the necessary time from Kennacraig to Claonaig was 15 minutes on timetable, but I thought it was impossible even if a car on the opposite lane was nothing.
The way to Isle of Alan was very hard.


Nothing!(17 Sep 2008)



I thought Claonaig was port town, but there was only a pier. another facilities were nothing except for a bus stop. I took photos but there were only meadows around the pier. So I spent 20 minutes for taking photos. It was enough time to take photos of cows and sheep.
I was going to stay Isle of Arran just 2 hour and 40 minutes, but I would stay 80 minutes because of this accident. I would not be able to join a distilleries tour.
I spent another time for drinking whisky in my hip flask and reading book at the waiting area of bus stop. I was very bad luck today except for a weather. It was clearing up.

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