Glenlossie Distillery(21 Sep 2007)

Glenlossie蒸留所は1876年にElginの南約6km、River Lossieの近くに、元Glendronach蒸留所で所長を務めていたJohn Duffによって創業された。

Glenlossie Distillery was established by John Duff who was a former manager of Glendronach Distillery on the site of about 6km south of Elgin, near River Lossie in 1876.
He built Longmorn Distillery in 1894, Benriach Distillery in 1898 during the Whisky Boom in the end of 19th.
However, the Whisky Boom had finished in the early 20th century. Benriach Distillery was mothballed in 1900 and Longmorn Distillery was sold in 1909. Finally, Glenlossie Distillery was purchased by DCL(later United Distillers) in 1919.
Glenlossie Distillery was expanded in 1962 and Mannochmore Distillery was built on the east side in the same site in 1971.


Feeling of Stare(21 Sep 2007)

後日調べてみると、この道は1898年に建設された専用の支線跡で1950年代の地図を見るとGlenlossie蒸留所からMorayshire Railwayまでの線路が描かれている。

After I left Glenlossie distillery, I went toward Longmorn distillery. If I returned on same way where I came to, it was made a detour. So I looked for a shortest route on a map, and I found the way which was pictured in a thin broken line in meadows and continued near Longmorn Distillery.
I didn’t know whether I could walk, but there was a footpath when I went there. I began to walk the path, It started raining after a while. Rain was not so heavy, but it was very hard walking the rough road carrying a heavy camera bag.
When I looked at the side unintentionally, a horse standing in the meadow watched me with the face which wanted to say to be a whimsical man in rain.
The footpath is a ruin of the private branch line built in 1898, a railway from Glenlossie Distillery to Morayshire Railway is printed on the map in the 1950s.
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