Benriach Distillery(21 Sep 2007)


Benriach Distillery was built next to Longmorn Distillery by owner of Glenlossie Distillery as the his third distillery. However, business expansion completely seems to be failure and the distillery stopped the operation as early as 1900.
Benriach Distillery was purchased by Glenlivet distillery, and the operation was finally reopened in 1965. It became a part of Chivas Brothers in 1978.
The operation was stopped again in 2002, and has become an independence distillery under the new owner in 2004. In 2012, they have restarted a floor malting which they did until 1999. The variations of the product increase.


It’s nice weather, isn’t it?(21 Sep 2007)


At last, today’s plan was finished. I waited for a bus to Elgin at the bus stop near Benriach distillery. The weather had improved and meadows were spread out in the opposite side of the distillery. It was a beautiful scenery in Scotland.
People imagine the weather in Scotland is cloudy sky and shower, but I think sunny day would be better during a trip.

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