Even the prosperous inevitably decay(22 Sep 2007)


When I saw the huge ruins of Elgin Cathedral, I imagined the best period of the Cathedral and I reminded opening lines of Tale of the Heike that I had memorized when I was a high school student.
The sound of the bell of Gion-shoja, rings with the transience of all things.
The color of the flowers of paired sal trees, shows the truth that all glories must fade.

Elgin Cathedral(22 Sep 2007)

Elgin大聖堂は1224年に、Elginの北約3kmにあるSpynie Palaceの大聖堂の代わりとして建設された。それ以前からこの場所には教会があったと記録されている。

Elgin Cathedral was built as a replacement the cathedral at Spynie Palace, 3km to the north. There was a church on this site past.
The cathedral was damaged by a fire in 1270, but rebuild later.
In 1390, The cathedral was damaged by a fire again, following an attack by Alexander Stewart, son of King of Scotland Robert 2nd. In 1402 the cathedral precinct again suffered an incendiary attack, but rebuild again.
Elgin Cathedral was abandoned at the time of the Scottish Reformation in 1560. After that, a part of cathedral was removed by a man of power and collapsed by natural disaster.

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