Old Speyside Distillery(16 Sep 2007)

Speyside蒸留所はBallindallochの大地主、George MacPherson Grant氏が元GlenGrant蒸留所であるGeorge Grant氏を迎えてKingussieの中心部に近い広い土地に建設した当時としては最新式の蒸留所だった。1895年に操業を開始したが何らかの理由で1910年までに操業を停止した。
なぜ操業を停止したのかは詳しい記録が無いので不明だが、有名な蒸留所建築家、Charles Doigに意見を求めたので構造上の不具合があったのかも知れない。
当時の蒸留所の写真はOld Kingussie and Badenochに掲載されている。

Speyside Distillery was established by the Laird of Ballindalloch, Sir George MacPherson Grant and former Glen Grant Distillery’s Manager, George Grant. The distillery was build at a large site in west of Kingussie, it was a modern distillery at the time.
Speyside Distillery started to operate in 1895, but stopped by 1910 because of trouble.
The reoson what didn’t work at distillery was unrecorded, but they asked the great distillery architect Charles Doig for his advice. It might be structural problem.
Finally, Speyside Distillery was sold and company was wound up in 1911. Most of buildings were demolished, the office building is remaining. The large site become a parking area and park.


Old Distillery Road(16 Sep 2007)

Kingussieを訪れようと計画した時、何かSpeyside蒸留所の痕跡をフィルムに納めたいと思っていた。出発前にいろいろ調べるとOld Distillery Roadという道路があるのはわかったが蒸留所の正確な場所が特定できず、建物が残っているかどうかはわからなかった。

I wanted to take photos about traces of Speyside Distillery when I planed a trip to Kingussie. I checked online map and found the street “Old Distllery Load”, but I wasn’t able to find a exact location of distillery.
It was a local free paper for toravelers which I got at a guest house that I obtained the information about the building of Speyside Distillery.
I may understand it only after I go to the place even if it becomes the high information-intensive society. A trip is amazing!

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