The Old Bridge of Avon(18 Sep 2007)

Cragganmore蒸留所からRiver Avon沿いに歩いていると見えてくる古い石橋、Bridge of Avonは1800年に造られた石造りの古い橋。対岸にはBallindalloch Castleの門が見える。

When you will walk along River Avon from Cragganmore Distillery you will see a old stone bridge, and there is a old gatehouse of Ballindalloch Castle on the opposite bank.
The Old Bridge of Avon was build in 1800. It might be build as a access route of Ballindalloch Castle, but we can’t go into the castle at the gatehouse now.

Water of Life(18 Sep 2007)

River AvonがRiver Speyに合流するあたりの水の色は完全なウィスキー色。スコットランド独特の風景でもある。

The colour of river water on the area where River Avon joins River Spey is like whisky completely. It is unique scenery in Scotland.
I felt like wanting to drink the water of the river a little, but I would be troubled during a trip if I have a health problem.
So I decided to drink single malt whisky in a pub nearby.

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