Dalmore Distillery(9 May 2003)


I arrived at Dalmore Distillery about half past twelve, just lunch break. Nobody was in the manager’s office. I didn’t have an appointment, but I thought that I would probably be able to see in distillery.
I visited the manager’s office again around thirteen o’clock, so manager greeted me with a smile. Then he guided me in the distillery.
Dalmore Distillery was on the large site, had large warehouses, unique shape of kiln, and pot stills. I felt Dalmore Distillery was really impressive distillery.
After that, we returned to office and I had a tasting of Dalmore single malt whisky. In a minute, manager also started to drink whisky, and talked about whisky with me. It was like drinking with friends at a pub rather than a tasting. When I visited to Dalmore Distillery, I wasn’t much good at English conversation. However there was no border, no wall of language between the two of whisky drinkers.

The Neighbour of Distillery(9 May 2003)


I think that A wild animal we often see in Scotland is rabbit. You can see it in a cattle farm, an open field on the outskirts of a town, and sometimes at a park in the central area of town.
For them, in and around distilleries would be a good play field. I often see some rabbits running about. It’s like playing tag. However, taking photographs of rabbit isn’t easy even so. A wild animal is very sensitive to an atmosphere of menace.

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