Royal Brackla Distillery(11 May 2006)

その三叉路から東へ更に2km程、写真を撮りながら20分ぐらい歩いた時、牧草地や菜の花畑に囲まれるRoyal Brackla蒸留所が見えた。

The bus was stopped at the intersection on the east of Cawdor.
“You can go to Cawdor Castle to the south.” the bus driver said to me. I gave thanks to him and got off the bus. The bus was stopped near Cawdor Castle as I said I went to the Castle when I bought a ticket.
My destination was not the Castle, but if I asked the way to the distillery, someone would not know about the distillery. Not all Scottish know about whisky very well.
And When I walked for about 2km from the intersection to the east and took some photographs, I saw Royal Brackla Distillery surrounded by glass fields and rape blossoms fields.
I thought that I arrived the distillery at last, but I had to walk to the distillery more a short distance. However I was really happy because of seeing Royal Brackla Distillery.

Give Me a Pint!(11 May 2006)

Royal Brackla蒸留所からCawderの町に戻り、バスまで1時間程の時間を潰そうとパブを探した。町は静かで人と出会わない。ようやく見つけたパブはランチタイムとディナータイムの営業で今は準備中。しかたがないのでようやく見つけたコンビニエンスストア(?)でちょっと休憩。

I came back to Cawdor from the distillery. The next bus to Inverness was in 1 hour. I looked for a pub. The town was really quiet and I didn’t meet people. At last, I found a pub. However, it was closed. They were opend at lunch and dinner time. Unwillingly, I had a break at a small shop with a chocolate bar.
You can’t always get some pints at pubs everywhere in Britain.

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