• Keith(1)

    Strathisla Distillery(26 Oct 2001)

    人生初蒸留所はStrathisla Distillery。その美しいキルンを見たいと思い、Keithを目指した。でも初めての海外旅行、英語はまったく出来ない、テロの後と最悪の状況で非常にナーバスになっていた私をKeithの人々は暖かく迎えてくれた。Scotlandにハマッたのはこの時だと思う。

    The distillery I visited first tiime was Strathisla Distillery. I wanted to see the beautiful malt kiln. However, it was my first trip to go abroad, I couldn’t speak English, and it was after the 11th September. It was very bad time and I was really nervous.
    However, the people in Keith was really friendly for me and I enjoyed staying in Keith. I have been enthusiastic about Scotland since I stayed in Keith.

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