Lighthouse on Eilean Msdile(19 Sep 2008)

Duart Castle

オーバンからマル島のCraignureへ向かうフェリーで見える白いきれいな灯台。リズモア島の南西端にある灯台はEilean Msdileと呼ばれる小さな島の上に建つ。
1527年にDuart Castleの城主が妻を殺そうとしたレディロック岩礁がすぐ近くにある。

A white beautiful lighthouse to see by ferries from Oban to Craignure, Isle of Mull. The lighthouse at the south west end of Lismore Islands is built on a islet called Eilean Msdile.
It was built in 1833 by Robert Stevenson. It would be very useful in the intricate and narrow channel of Inner Hebrides.
It played a very important role during World War II, and it was said that the staff rescued the pilot who fell into the drink.
The lighthouse was become unmanned in 1965, and it is a landmark of the ship to navigate there days.
The skerry of Lady’s Rock, which the lord of Duart Castle was going to murder his wife in 1527, lies a short distance to the south west.


Sea Gull On The Ferry(19 Sep 2008)

Sea gull on the ferry


Sea gulls flew after the ferry same as the last time in 2006, and some gulls got down on a ferry. It would be able to move easily.
wild animals adapted to the environment which a person created, they would be good at evolution according to the environmental change.

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