The Superb Natural Harbour(19 Sep 2008)

Scenery of Tobermory

マル島のメインタウン、トバモリーは英国の漁業協会(British Fisheries Society)によって造られた漁港の町で1788年に港が完成し、現在の町がスタートした。トバモリーは高台に囲まれ、湾の入り口はカルブ島で守られている。その港に適した地形にもかかわらず、それまで町は存在しなかった。

Tobermory, which is a capital of Isle of Mull, was founded as a fishing port in 1788 by British Fisheries Society. Tobermory is surrounded on three sides by high ground and protected by Isle of Calve. Despite these natural advantages, there was no town.
However, Oban became one of the main port in Western Scotland after a railway was opened in Oban, Tobermory, too close to Oban, did not develop so much.
The freight which had been shipped most from pier of Tobermory might be whisky casks of Tobermory Distillery.


Robin(19 Sep 2008)



I went up a slope in the north side of the town to a hill. It was a great view of Tbermory Bay. Suddenly, I heard a sound from a tree at the back. A cute small bird perched on a branch when I looked back.
It is Robin, a popular bird in UK. The colour is similar to Japanese Robin, but scientific classification is different.

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