Dunollie Castle(20 Sep 2008)

オーバンの町の北側、港の入り口を一望できる絶好の位置にあるDunollie Castleは13世紀頃に当時の領主、Ewan MacDougallによって最初の城が築城されたがそれ以前からこの地は防御拠点の要塞が造られていた。
1715年のジャコバイトの反乱でジャコバイト側についたMacDougall家はDunollie Castleを再び没収されたが1745年の反乱は領主は参加しなかった(何人かの家来はジャコバイトとしてカローデンの戦いに参加した)。
1746年に城はMacDougall家に返却された。しかし城は荒廃し、また当時の生活スタイルにもにも合わなくなっていたので破棄され、領主一族は近くに邸宅を建てて移り住んだ。その邸宅は現在Dunollie Houseと呼ばれ、博物館となっている。

Dunollie Castle lies on the north of Oban, the best position of overlooking the Oban Bay. The first castle was built around 13th century by the laird, Ewan MacDougall. However, there are some remains of fortress of defense base in 700s.
The MacDougalls was opposed to Robert the Bruce in the early 1300s, and lost Dunollie Castle. The castle was given to the Campbells. However, Dunollie Castle was regained in the end of 14th century. Now, Dunollie Castle which is left was rebuilt around the time.
The MacDougalls supported the Jacobite during the Jacobite rising of 1715, so the MacDougalls lost Dunollie Castle again. After that, they did not take part in the Jacobite rising of 1745, though some of the clansmen fought as Jacobites at the Battle of Culloden.
Dunollie Castle was returned to the MacDougalls after the battle in 1746. However, the castle was in a ruinous condition, and also the castle was not fitted for their lifestyle at that time. So laird and his family abandoned Dunollie Castle and built a residence near the castle. The residence is called Dunollie House and becomes the museum.


Beautiful View on the Pulpit Hill(20 Sep 2008)

天候も回復してきたので、町を一望できるPulpit Hillに登る。

The weather had improved. I climbed up Pulpit Hill on which could overlook a town.
Oban is one of the oldest town in Scotland, there are some ruins of mesolithic age.
The modern town of Oban grew up around Oban Distillery, which was established in 1794. The railway was opened and a port was modernized in 1880s. Oban became one of the main ports of West Coast of U. K. The port was used by Royal Navy as a navy base during World War 2.
These days, Oban is an important port for travelers to Western Islands of Scotland and ferries often arrive and depart.

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