Lochranza Castle(17 Sep 2008)


I rode on the ferry which finally returned, I left for Isle of Arran. I couldn’t control my impatience on the ferry, and I saw a town before long, Lochranza Castle which was drawn on the whiskey label saw too.
Lozhranza Castle was originally built in 13th century by the lord. And then it was rebuilt several times as times change. The castle was used until the end of the 18th century and was abandoned.
If I had enough time staying in island, I was able to visit. But it was impossible, I took a photo only.


Good Relationship(17 Sep 2008)


When I walked the street of the shore in hurry, a deer ate grass in the shore.
Despite a person from Nara where I get used to a deer, I was surprised when I watched a real wild deer.
I tried to come close to take photos, but the deer didn’t run away. I thought I was able to come closer, but I didn’t try.
There would be the good relationship between people and the animal in Isle of Arran.

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