Meadowburn Distillery(16 Sep 2008)

Site of Meadowburn Distillery

Meadowburn蒸留所は1824年に町の南端のWitchburn Roadから少し入った所に建設された。創業者メンバーの中には密造時代にポットスティルを製造していた職人も含まれていたらしい。その後、何度か経営者が変わり1882年頃閉鎖された。
1885年、Alfred BarnardがCalmpbeltownを訪れた時、Meadowburn蒸留所は既に閉鎖していたため、その記録はとても少ない。1899年発行のOS Mapには使われていない蒸留所と記述されている。
Meadowburn蒸留所の敷地はおそらく隣接するBurnside蒸留所と共に乳製品製造工場へ改造するプランに含まれていたのだろう。現在はCampbeltown Creamery社の工場の駐車場として使用されている(写真の左側)。

Meadowburn Distillery was built by the south end of the town on the south side of Witchburn Road in 1824. One of the establish member was a plumbing worker who had made and supplied stills to illicit distillers until several years ago. After that, a owner changed several times and was closed around 1882.
When Alfred Barnard visited Calmpbeltown in 1885, Meadowburn Distillery had been closed. So records of it are not so many. The distillery is described as “disused” in OS Map published in 1899.
The site of Meadowburn Distillery would probably be included in a plan to convert the distillery to a creamery plant. Now, it is used as a car park for Campbeltown Creamery.


Burnside Distillery(16 Sep 2008)

Buildings of Burnside Distillery

Burnside蒸留所は1825年にWitchburn Roadから少し入った町の南端、Meadowburn蒸留所の南側に建設された。
当時のCampbeltownのウィスキー蒸留所としては平均的な規模と設備を持っていた。モルトバーンの建物の一つがとても大きく、豪華な造りだったので、そこでDuke of Argyllの成人祝いのパーティーが行われたこともあった。
現在はその計画通りにCampbeltown Creamery社の工場がある。Burnside蒸留所の建物はその工場内にいくつか残っている。

Burnside Distillery was built by the south end of the town on the south side of Witchburn Road, next to Meadowburn Distillery in 1825.
I had average scale and facilities for a whisky distilleries in Campbeltown. One of the malt barn buildings was huge and luxurious, so it was used for a great hall to celebrate Duke of Argyll’s coming of age.
Burnside whisky was milder than other Campbeltown whisky, because when they made barley malt, they used coke and anthracite mix with only a small amount of peat.
Achievements of Burnside Distillery had turned worse since about 1890. In 1918, they struggled to reopen after the mothballed during World War 1. However, a plan to convert the distillery to a creamery plant was adopted. The whisky production had been continued until about 1924.
Now, there is a factory of Campbeltown Creamery, some of buildings of Burnside Distillery are still standing in the factory.

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