Spey Casting(20 Sep 2007)

River Speyは釣りの名所。Aberlourの川岸にはベンチやロッドスタンドが設置され、釣り人の姿も多い。
Aberlourを発つ日、バスまで時間があったのでDailuaine蒸留所へ行こうと川沿いのSpeyside Wayへ向かうと平日にもかかわらず数人の釣り人がロッドを振っていた。釣り上げるシーンを期待したけど結局観ることはできなかった。

River Spey is a famous place of the fishing. There are some facilities for angleres in the river bank of Aberlour.
On the day when I left Aberlour, I had time to a bus. So I went to Dailuaine Distillery.
When I walked on Speyside Way, several anglers were in the river and waving a fishing rod in spite of weekdays morning.
I expected to watch the scene to catch, but I was not able to watch it after all.

Flower of Scotland(20 Sep 2007)

Speyside Wayに咲くアザミ。
バイキングの侵略を防ぐきっかけとなったと言い伝えられるストーリーよりもFlower of Scotlandのやさしいメロディが頭に浮かぶ。

The thistle which blooms in Speyside Way.
The thistle reminds me of a gentle melody of Flower of Scotland.

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