Benrinnes Distillery(19 Sep 2007)

Benrinnes蒸留所は1826年に現在地から1km南東に建てられていたが1829年の洪水によって倒壊。その後1834年に現在の場所に再建され、蒸留所名がLyne of Ruthrieとなった。

Benrinnes Distillery was built to the 1km southeast from the present location in 1826, but it was destroyed by a flood of 1829. The distillery was rebuilt at the current place in 1834 and named “Lyne of Ruthrie”.
However, The operation of the distillery was not favorable after that, the owner had changed a couple of time. Meanwhile, the distillery name returned to “Benrinnes” by 1864.
The distillery was destroyed by fire in 1896, and rebuilt. But management turned worse because of recession of whisky industry after the WW1. Finally, it was sold to DCL(later United Distillers) in 1920s, same as many whisky distilleries in Scotland.
Benrinnes Distillery was rebuild and renovated in 1955-1956, it has become the appearance such as a dreary factory.


Twilight(19 Sep 2007)

黄昏のRiver Speyに佇む釣り人。本日の釣果はいかに。

The angler is standing still in River Spey at twilight. Were you able to catch today?

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