Springbank Distillery(26 April 2004)


Campbeltown was called as the Whiskyopolis in the latter half of the 19th century, there were more than 20 distilleries in town. However, Canpbeltown have only 3 distilleries. Meanwhile, Springbank Distillery has operated since 1828. it would not too much to say that Springbank Distillery is expected by all of the town. Eventually, I think that only the thing which did not lose sight of oneself and didn’t go out of date would be able to survive.
The process of making whisky in Springbank Distillery is traditional. They continue to protect the traditional technique even if they don’t install computer systems. Only one thing I can do to support the distillery preserving the tradition of Campbeltown is drinking much Springbank single malt whisky.


Campbeltown Loch(25 April 2004)

Campbeltownは当初、Kinlochkilkerranと呼ばれていたが1600年代に後のEarl of Argyll、Chief of the Clan CampbellによってCampbeltownと改名された。権力者は自分の名前をどこかに残しておきたいようだ。
Robert Burnsの詩にも詠われたCampbeltown Lochは自然の良港として、19世紀には大規模な漁船団の基地として賑わった。今もなお、その美しい風景を見せてくれる。
"Mull of Kintyre"でバグパイプを取り入れたPaul McCartneyは近くに農場を所有している。Campbeltown Museumの庭には亡くなったLinda夫人の銅像がある。
"海から霧が濃く垂れこめてくる(Mist rolling in from the sea)"
と歌われているようにCampbeltown Lochからの霧が町を包む。

Campbeltown, originally known as Kinlochkilkerran, was renamed in the 1600s by the then Earl of Argyll, the Chief of the Clan Campbell.
Campbeltown Loch, which was written by Robert Burns, is a natural good harbour. The harbour flourished as a base of large-scale fishing fleets in the 19th century .
Paul McCartney owns his farm near the town. He composed "Mull of Kintyre" with Campbeltown Pipes Band. There is a bronze statue of the Linda McCartney in the garden of Campbeltown Museum.
When it comes to the evening, town is covered with the mist from Campbeltown Loch as though Paul sung "Mist rolling in from the sea" in Mull of Kintyre.

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