The Caledonian Canal(10 May 2003)

カレドニアン運河はInvernessから西海岸のFort Williamをつなぐ約90kmの運河で、James Wattの30年に渡る調査の後、1803年からThomas Telford(Craigellachie Bridgeの設計者)による設計の元、計画が進められた。完成予定を大幅に過ぎた1822年にようやく開通した運河は当初の計画を大幅に縮小したものになった。
この運河の辺にGlen Albyn蒸留所は1846年に、Glen Mhor蒸留所は1892年に建設された。しかし1980年代のウィスキー不況の時代にMillburn蒸留所と共に閉鎖され、Invernessの蒸留所はすべて失われた。現在跡地はショッピングセンターとなり、蒸留所があったことは全くわからない。

The Caledonian Canal runs from Fort William, Western Scotland to Inverness. It was started in 1803 to plans produced by Thomas Telford, who build the Craigellachie Bridge in 1814, following survey work by James Watt thirty years earlier. It was finally opened in 1822, which was badly behind in the schedule. However it was reduced from original plan.
When a second phase of construction was finished in 1847, the canal became originally proposed. At that time, it was the fastest route between Inverness and Western Scotland. Nonetheless, until the railway reached Inverness the quickest way from there to Glasgow was by steamship via the Caledonian Canal.
There were two distilleries, Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor beside the canal. Two of them and Millburn Distillery were closed in 1980’s, during depression of whisky, and all of distilleries in Inverness was lost. Now, the shopping centre has been built on the site of Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor. And people wouldn’t realize that distilleries had been there.

River Ness(10 May 2003)

Invernessの語源はNessの入り口。町中を流れるRiver Nessと共にInvernessは北ハイランドの中心として発展してきた。その美しい流れは怪獣までも魅了し、この川を遡ってネッシーはネス湖までたどり着いたらしい。

Inverness named from “The entrance of Ness”. River Ness flows through the city. Inverness grew as a capital of Northern Highland with the river. The beautiful stream fascinate not only people but also monsters. Nessy would go through the river to Loch Ness.
Unfortunately, the photo was a trick shot, but Nessy is still an idol in Scotland.

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