Talisker Distillery(9 May 2006)

こういう時はTourist Informationが頼りになる。スタッフに聞くとタクシーで20ポンドぐらいで行けるとのこと。バス停近くに客待ちしているタクシーに乗って蒸留所に向かった。

There is Talisker Distillery in Carbost. It takes about for 30 minutes from Portree to Carbost by bus. According to the timetable I got by the internet when I was planning a tour, there was a bus to Carbost at 9 o’clock. I had a breakfast quickly and I went to bus stop in Portree. However, the bus didn’t come. I checked the timetable again, and the bus was operated from next week. The next bus was at 1 PM.
If you have such a problem, you should go to a Tourist Information in Scotland. They are really reliable. I went to a Tourist Information near the bus stop. According to them, I was able to go to Carbost by taxi and the cost was about 20 pounds. I got on a waiting taxi near a bus stop, and I left for Carbost.

Enjoy Pints!(9 May 2006)

Talisker蒸留所を後にしたのが12時前。バスまでは2時間以上ある。写真を撮るにはたっぷりの時間がある。その前にまずは1杯とCarbostにある唯一のPub、Old Innに入る。期待通りに地元のリアルエールが2種類もある。こいつはいい。とりあえずRed Cuillin Real Aleとバゲットサンドイッチで腹ごしらえ。他のゲストがカウンター脇を通ってテラスに行っている。何かあるのかなと思い、食べ終わってテラスに出ると、それはもう素晴らしいの一言に尽きる眺め。天気もよく、時折爽やかな潮風が心地よい。この状況でエールを飲まないというのは不可能だった。

I left Talisker Distillery around noon. The next bus to Portree was in 2 hours. I had enough time for taking photographs. Before everything, I wanted to have a pint. I visited to The Old Inn, which was the only pub in Carbost. Fortunately, they had some kinds of ale, especially 2 local cask ales.
First, I ordered a pint of Red Cuillin Ale and Baguette Sandwich for my lunch. After I had a lunch, I went out to a terrace with a glass of ale. Then, I was able to see the beautiful scenery from the terrace. The weather was comfortable and sometimes a sea breeze blew lightly. I didn’t know how I could resist ale in this situation.
Finally, I drank four pints of ale.

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