When I Wish Upon the Evening Sun(9 May 2006)


A wish to the evening sun is a good weather tomorrow. In Japan, people say that if you see a beautiful sunset, tomorrow weather would be good. I think it is same in Scotland.
And it is really difficult to take a photograph for beautiful sunset. The speed of declining sun is really fast.
However, I can take photographs for sunset with composure in Scotland. I don’t know why that is.

Isle of Skye Pipe Band(9 May 2006)


It was still light outside after I had a dinner at a seafood restaurant on 2nd day in Isle of Skye, I thought I was able to take some photographs.
I walked around. After a while, I heard a sound of bagpipes. I thought that someone would probably be playing CDs somewhere, but it seemed to be a live performance.
I went toward a direction of the sound. So I met a pipe band who practice in the parking lot. They were really serious, I thought they would have a event in the near future.

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