Black Cuillin(10 May 2006)

Isle of Skyeの最高峰、Cuillin Hillはエールの名前にも付けられ、日本でも知られている。標高は992mで英国の中では高い方。
私はスコットランドに初めて行った頃から、何を基準に”Ben”と”Hill”は区別されるのだろうか疑問に思っている。ヒュー・グラント主演の映画、”ウェールズの山”では1000フィート(約305m)以上は山となっていたがそれは1900年代初めのウェールズの話でイングランドの基準。スコットランドにはCuillin Hillより低い”Ben”はある。さて、その違いは・・・考え出すと夜も眠れない?

Black Cillin, the highest mountain in Isle of Skye, is famous for the name of bottle ale in Japan. The height is 992m, if anything higher mountain in UK.
I have had a question since I visited Scotland first time. What’s difference between “Ben” and “Hill” in Scotland? According to the movie “The Englishman”, mountain is more than 1000 feet. However it is the story of Wales in early 1900s and the standard of England. There are some “Hill” which is higher than “Ben” in Scotland.
I still haven’t known about it.

Sligachan Hotel(10 May 2006)

SligachanはCarbestへの分岐点。しかし人が生活しているような賑わいはなく、1軒のホテルとキャンプ場があるだけ。しかしCillin Hillの眺めは最高で美しい風景を撮るには最高の場所。

Sligachan is a junction to Carbest, however it is not lively. There is only one hotel and a campsite. And the view of Cillin Hill is amazing, it is one of the best point for taking photographs in Scotland.
And you can have a break at the pub with a pint of fresh cask ale made from brewery in the hotel.
Sligachan is crowded in a moment when buses for tour is arrived. It would be a resting place for bus tours.

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