Royal Brackla Distillery(11 May 2006)

Royal Brackla蒸留所は1812年にシェイクスピアのマクベスで有名なコーダー城の近くに建てられた。

Royal Brackla Distillery was built in 1812 near Cawdor Castle, which is famous for Macbeth of Shakespeare.
It is the first distillery to be awarded the royal warrant from William IV in 1835.
However, management of the distillery was not succeeded during 1800s. Some owners had Royal Brackla Distillery. After that, SMD, the present UDV, took over the distillery in 1943. Now distillery has been owned by Bacardi since 1998, which is known as a producer of rum.
Royal Brackla Distillery isn’t near Cawdor and Inverness, and it is off the railway. I think It was really difficulty to carry whisky when the distillery was established. It has been surrounded by farmlands.

Flower Garden(11 May 2006)

Cawderの町からRoyal Brackla蒸留所までの道の両側には牧草地と共に菜の花畑が広がっていた。

I often see fields of full-blown rape blossoms at the beginning of May in Scotland. I think it would be for making cooking oil, but I haven’t seen such a large field of rape blossoms in Japan.
There were rape blossom fields and glass fields which extended on both sides of the road from Cawdor to Royal Brackla Distillery. Nobody was on the fields. Only honeybees worked on the rape blossoms.

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